The Blackout Experiments

A Horror Documentary


“The Blackout Experiments” is often chilling and hard to shake... should captivate horror fans" - L.A. Times

"Terrifying... easily one of the best docs of the year.  9/10." - Culture Smash

"The Blackout Experiments is captivating from start to finish." - Wylie Writes

"As a lifelong fan of the horror genre, thanks for giving me something to fear again." - Nightmarish Conjurings

"If you want a glimpse into the mysterious world of hardcore underground horror experiences, THE BLACKOUT EXPERIMENTS is a must." - Sinful Celluloid

"It will likely put an end to your evening as you find it difficult to get your mind off the movie" - Toronto Film Scene

"Unique and disturbing" -

"The film is fantastic" - HorrorBuzz

"I recommend Blackout Experiments... Fox showed great innovation in both horror and documentary filmmaking" - Horror n Chill

"There’s horror, sure, but this is a story about humanity and the fear we feel every day and the ways we deal with those fears. I absolutely recommend The Blackout Experiments." - Frightday

"A Horror Documentary unlike any other Documentary out there. 4/5" - Cryptic Rock

"The Blackout Experiments is Terrifying." - Decay Magazine

"A portrait not only of obsession but the search for personal limits and self-awareness." - what (not) to doc

"Any documentary filmmaker worth his/her salt will be able to incite a strong debate – and that’s exactly what Fox did. 4/5 Stars." - Horror Freak News

"Harrowing intensity... Something out of Fight Club" - The Verge

"A wonderfully unpredictable examination of psychological fear." - Hell Horror

"Surprisingly intense and emotional experience" - Daily Dead

"Riveting... horrific visuals and demented real-life documented events" - Starpulse

"A documentary about a horror so messed up, they couldn’t have made it up." - Bloody Disgusting

"The single scariest thing I saw at Sundance" - Matt Warren

"The disorienting experience can encompass forced nudity, verbal abuse, suffocation, even waterboarding." - Variety

"If Experiments is really real, then it is train-wreck fascinating." - J.B. Spins


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"Rich Fox explodes with a documentary that feels flat-out creepy." - Slashfilm

"The Blackout Experiments sounds like it could be a fictional horror film, but it's not." - ScreenCrush

"This looks absolutely intense." - Horror Movies.CA

"Inside Blackout are psychological terrors more akin to Abu Ghraib than Universal Studios." - The Wrap

"The Blackout Experiments might be the most extreme, potentially dangerous, and utterly reckless shit I have ever seen." - Geek Mundo

"One of the huge hits at Sundance 2016" - HorrorBuzz

"Takes you Into Fear" clip released @ The Wrap

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